Happy Birthday Quote

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Son Birthday Quotes

Son Birthday Quotes

Son Birthday Quotes

My Son, My Son, My Son........I Love You more than words can say! All my life, every single day I thank God that he gave me you. I will always love you and I am proud of you son, your particular music makes you who you are and I love it. I am thankful that you are in my life and I get to see you grow and mature everyday. Happy Birthday and may you have a great day.

I love you son! I will never forget the very moment when I carry you in my arms. Each year, your birthday brings back of that sweet moment of ours and I just find my tears
are falling down my cheeks. I’m wishing only the very best of blessings for you.
Happy Birthday!

Today's the day to celebrate the birth of our family's STAR.It's another chance to spoil
you and show you how special you are I LOVE YOU DEAR SON

You have celebrated so many birthdays in the past years but you will always be the little
boy I held in my arms. Happy Birthday Son!

You are truly an amazing gift from above, and I love you, my son. Thank you for helping
us in times of need.


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